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Get unread email under-control

Now Available on the Mac App Store for Apple Silicon.

We all get overwhelmed with communication channels, but the worst offender is email. Some people get hundreds of legitimate emails a day. How do we make the most out of cutting through all those unread emails and getting to only the messages that need attention? When your inbox gets too big, then it is time for email triage.


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How does triage help me control my email?

Triagemail is simple. You are presented with 1 and only 1 message at a time, the oldest first. You need to make a decision and act in 1 of 4 ways.

  1. Delete: Get rid of the message.
  2. Ignore: Mark as read and move on. You can easily find it in other email clients later.
  3. Skip: Put this to the back of the queue.
  4. Act: Deal with the message before continuing

Traditional email clients have too many distractions. People tend to do a first pass over their now spiralling out of control inbox, for messages to delete. Then messages they can ignore and easily file away others that don't need attention. Finally, after potentially hours of busy work, they focus on the important messages. Why are important and urgent messages dealt with last?


Triagemail uses no 3rd party trackers and all your credentials are saved and encrypted in the Apple Keychain.

Two-factor autentication (2fa) is supported, but you will probably need to generate an app specific password just for Triagemail.


Triage is a medical term used to describe desperate situations where doctors make difficult decisions during a catastrophe. When performing triage in an emergency patients fall into 1 of 4 categories. Your inbox is no different, each message can be dealts with in 1 of 4 ways: Act, Skip, Ignore, Delete.


If you find issues or want to suggest things for us to add to our roadmap, drop us a line

Now Available on the Mac App Store for Apple Silicon.

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